Good Times

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  1. cathy lynn zeigler

    My mother arranged the protest on gas shortage and high prices in the 70’s. When a bunch of women rode horses to the grocery stores with signs that said “gas less granny” signs saying other things to get their groceries and protest gas prices! The ride started in Morisson cuz that’s our home town and went to king soopers on jewel i think. or The parades thru town led by the Lions Men club ending in ice cream socials or soapbox derby races ending in a street dance! Its not 100 year old history but it all before the lake was built! My grandmother won the Scully Award a high achievement award given by agricultural deparment in 1943?? The first woman to win a award for farming in Morrison. They also stopped the construction of the lake to save her house because of the builder and time. It was moved to the historical row of houses in Lakewood. I do have some copies of pics and articles in town paper. My grandmother was Edna Peterson of Peterson Farms. Her daughter, Nancy is my mom. My grandma’s farm was east of the town off Morrison Rd. My mom’s horses ranch was above the gravel quarry across from the trailer park and gas station. My family also owned the horse arena and baseball park in town where the parades, dances, and socials happend. I am blessed to be from there and I hope this was helpful.

  2. cathy lynn zeigler

    Sorry so long ! It was a great walk down a memory lane from chilhood!

  3. David Charles Sisk

    To miss.cathy lynn zeigler. My name is David Charles Sisk my father was F.C. Sisk . my mother’s name was Edythe Ruth Gable Sisk my parents had the cafe at the end of main street, Name was “BROWNS CAFE” that was in 1948. I am writing this because i am trying to find information on my family either “morrison,Alamosa, Pueblo”. if you can help please send me an email.

    my grandfathers name was Francis Clarence, my Greatgrandfather was “william Harrison Sisk my 2nd great grandfathers Name was P.H. Harrison Sisk aka H.H.

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