Morrison Schoolhouse

226 Spring Street; #48 on walking tour

Built in 1875 by George Morrison of native sandstone. It was in continued academic use until 1955. Now a private residence.
Note: Dates based on research by L. Horton.

Morrison School House - ca. 1945Morrison School House in 2000
Morrison School House – ca. 1945
Historic photo
Morrison School House in 2000
Photo by S.L. White

9 responses to “Morrison Schoolhouse

  1. Our daughters attended this school in 1952 and 1953. The teacher they had was Mrs. Messer. She had a little girl and she brought her to school and our daughter Elaine would get in to trouble because she wanted to play with her while they were in school. We had the Thrifty Grocery Store. We had a dog named Mister. He adopted us. We also had a kitty named smudgie. We had to leave them with other people when we had to sell the business and move back to Denver where Don had a job with “Frosty Frozen Foods” He sold to several people in and around Morrison. I think the Hildebrands (they had the standard service station) were one of the families. He also sold to some people who lived up on the Grapevine. I forgot some of their names. We are sorry to see the school in disrepair. Linda and her husband Tommy were in Morrison and took pictures of the school and the path they took to school. The fellow who had the store at that time gave Linda the reacher we had to get things off the top shelves. I did do some correspondence with Mrs. White. I would like to do so again. We have moved around some. We live in Bridgeport, Texas now. Both Don and myself have had many health issues. He has COPD and difficulty breathing. I had surgery that has caused me to be in a wheel chair. We have a papyon named Ronny and a kitty cat named Miss Kitty. She is a very pretty long hair. Our dughter Linda Saylor has an antique shop here in Bridgeport. Elaine Sublett is widowed and lives in San Angelo. She is taking care of a fellow who has lots of health issues. I still try to remember the name of the Mayor who was in office when we lived there. His first name was Joe. Linda said I should go on the internet and ask for the names of mayors. I will try to do that. I have rambeled on long enough now so I will say goodbye and goodnight. May GOD bless you and keep you. Virginia and Don Silver

    • I think that the tall red head was my father Riley Scott the other boy to the left of him was his brother Walt. Riley went on to be a principal in Evergreen . Walt was a manager of Frontier Airlines . Mrs. White was our neighbor when we lived at Ralston and Ward Road. She sold dad a house next door. My grandparents were Marion ( Anderson ) and Dey Scott they had a farm in Morrison later moved to Arvada.

  2. Hi Virginia, I am hoping you can give me some information. My grandparents Tom and Mabel Cavenaugh had a guest ranch in Morrison by Bear Creek. My mother Virginia Wright came to Morrison and was with them starting in 1944 and began her family in 1955. Do you recall anything on this?

  3. Hi there, to whom it may concern…I was wondering if this Morrison School house was a school for girls? I am looking for information regarding the Vocational School for Girls in Morrision. This would have been in the late 1800s in Colorado. I work for the Lakewood Heritage Center and am researching some old photos that we have of girls in late 19th or early 20th century clothing. One photo is of girls dressed in black dresses on a horse drawn wagon. Any information you have on the Vocational School would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Erin Prestia-Robins

    I am curious if any other small one room schoolhouses exsisted in the area in the 1880’s. I am researching the town of Morrison and am developing a fictional character who could have lived and taught school there at that time. Any insites are very much appreciated.

    • Pat Nahring Williams

      Hi Erin,
      I am a descendent of Carl Gottlieb Nahring who had a farm in Morrison. He lived in Denver area 1880- 1888 and owned a saloon called “Concordia Hall & Gardens”. He moved to Morrison with wife Hulda by 1900 census. Pauline Nahring, daughter of Carl Nahring and third wife Hulda Perlick was a teacher at little one room schoolhouse “Bear Valley School” in Mt. Morrison (There is a photo of the schoolhouse at the Denver Public Library. picture per researcher Ken Schultz).
      Pauline Louise Caroline Nahring was born 6 Feb 1892 and married Rudolf Carl Heim 10 Jun 1920 on the family farm in Morrison. Pauline died 3 Jan 1980. I have photo of schoolhouse, of Pauline etc. if you are interested. Know these dates are a little past what you need.
      I too am writing a story. My pioneering ancestors came to the area in the 1870’s. Have been researching a ton but nothing really about education. Please send an email if you think I can help you.
      Pat Nahring Williams Email:

  5. My brothers and sisters went to school in the early 60’s in Morrison. Do you have a record of the school that we attended? it was one room class room with all grade levels to eight grade. My memory is vague but I think it was a church on a hill and we were bused in from the the castle in the canyon now the Dunafon Castle

  6. I was in Morrison reform school in the 60ties there was a Fren burner, who was our house mother, and another person by the name last,Gonzales there was a teacher bythe name mr,Pippa he was a short little man,

  7. Hello I am hoping that I can get some information on my mother I think she may have been a resident of this school 1956-57. Rosalie Maynes, grades.

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