Remembering Rolf Paul, Mayor and More

In preparation for packing some of our old —and some not so old—historic files off to the Jeffco Archives, we ran across an issue of the Morrison Messenger that was prepared in remembrance of Rolf Paul, who served on Morrison’s Town Board of Trustees from 1974 to 2000, and as mayor from 1980 to 1984. Rolf served the town with dedication, but not without controversy. By nature outspoken and colorful, he made enemies quickly, but turned many of them into friends if they stayed around long enough to appreciate his love for this small town.

Rolf Paul designed the distinctive logo for the town of Morrison, as well as many others in Morrison.

Rolf Paul designed the distinctive logo for the town of Morrison, as well as many others in Morrison.

As Mayor, Rolf quietly protected the small town from financial ruin and did his best to create exciting cultural events to keep the town a dynamic place to live and visit. A graphic artist and independent small-business owner, he juggled the Town’s needs with those of the foil-embossing and die-cutting shop he operated out of his home. For his business and his town, he operated on the principle of “bigger isn’t always better,” his daughter Krista reported. Rolf succumbed to cancer in January 2002, but is still well remembered in Morrison.

Read more about Rolf Paul’s legacy for the Town of Morrison.

8 responses to “Remembering Rolf Paul, Mayor and More

  1. Does anyone have information on George Morrison’s home in Morrison? Is it still standing and is it on the historical site as well?

  2. I have a few questions, is there any way to contact the MORRISON HISTORICAL SOCIETY?

  3. Thank you Sally…so many bittersweet memories for me….many tears as I read all the wonderful tributes to Rolf. He was an amazing man & it is nice to remember how many Morrison friends knew that & appreciated him.

    • Hello Ginny… It’s Marla Murphy here.. I was thinking of you and Rolf and all the artistic time we had with Luke (photographer) Macha..days gone by. and then I read of Rolf’s passing, in 2002. My husand passed in 2007 and I live now in North Carolina.. I remember Krista and Erika.. and what beautiful girls they were and I am sure they are now. I think I have some pics that Luke took of them.. My best to you and your girls and grandchilden too.!

  4. My parents owned Graham’s Texaco at the corner of old 285 & soda lakes rd. in the 50’s Bill and Kathryn Graham, does anyone remember them OR the gas station?

  5. My uncle and Aunt Roy & Floss Denbow owned the Texico there in the 50″s Their son Grant and daughter Irene. across the street was a Conoco owned by another Aunt And uncle Lloyd and Evelyn Rice and three daughters Aurila, Pat and Roberta. Our house was the big White house east of Denbows between Spurlings feed store and Webb trailer court. I-470 runs right over them.

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