Horton House Fire brings Painful Loss to Morrison

Historic Horton House

Historic Horton House in Morrison

Early this morning, the Horton House Bed and Breakfast was destroyed by fire! Heartbreaking photos indicate the extensive damage to Lila Horton’s childhood home, which she has run as a bed and breakfast for many years. (See “historic hospitality,” courtesy of City and Mountain Views.)

Lila has been at the center of Morrison’s history for many years, carrying on the preservation efforts started by her mother, Reenie Horton. She has owned and restored several historic buildings in town, some of which survive on the property.

If you have enjoyed staying at the Horton House, or just appreciated its quaint charm in a quiet corner of Canon St., please consider helping Lila and her family weather this tragic loss. A GoFundMe account has been set up to help Lila replace basic necessities and find a place to stay.

One response to “Horton House Fire brings Painful Loss to Morrison

  1. Sorry for your loss,I am Eric,Lori and the X Mayor Earls brother.I will be staying with them while I am here working out of town.I am offering my service to help get cleanup and preservation going.I don’t mind getting dirty and have been in construction for most of my life. Although I came here for work, I am ready willing and able to help as part of my donation. On Christmas Eve we had a Christmas party along with carriage ride through the neighborhood with lots of friends families and neighbors, although we where spreading the holiday cheer it came up in conversation about helping restore the Horton house . As I mentioned I am in, also the carriage operator Russ Hermanspan had shared in conversation the possibility of making the carriage house operational seeing he is in the business already and maybe it could help generate an income to help in resteration. Thanks Eric

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