About MHS

Morrison Historical Society
POB 208 Morrison, Colorado 80465, United States

The Morrison Historical Society was renewed in 2008 to identify, protect, conserve, and interpret the historic and cultural resources of Morrison, Colorado, and areas immediately surrounding it. We aim to do this through the exchange of ideas and information by means of meetings, publications, and exhibits. Please support our efforts by joining MHS or by purchasing our products.

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Images and text on this site are copyright by the Morrison Historical Society, Lila Horton, or S.L. White unless otherwise indicated. Contact the MHS for information on use.

Background: The Morrison Historical Society was originally organized in the 1980s as a branch of the Jefferson County Historical Society in Evergreen, Colorado. The Morrison Historical District Museum, founded and managed by Lorene Horton until her death in 1991, was a private museum. After 1995, the Horton Collections moved into the old Town Office and began operations under Town auspices as the Morrison Heritage Museum. The Morrison Historical Society continued an active and advisory role in that museum until it was closed in 2004. Lila Horton plans to reopen the Museum as a private museum in fall 2010, and the MHS will assist in that effort.

More information on Morrison history is available at our website: HistoricMorrison.org

9 responses to “About MHS

  1. Best of luck and keep up the good work in reopening the Morrison Heritage Museum; perhaps it has been open since 2010…? If so, I am interested in a tour, around the middle of July (2013) if possible. Thanks.

  2. I have a bunch of photographs my mother took after a catastrophic flood in Morrison in about 1935. I would like to donate them to some historic organization who would preserve them. I do not know who to contact. If you know anyone interested please contact me.

  3. not sure if my 1st comment went through or not. My parents owned Graham’s Texaco in the late 50’s, was on the corner of old 285 & Soda Lakes Rd. Does anyone remember them. I went to Red Rocks Elementary from K-4th grade, at which time Texaco built a new station in town, and tore ours down.

  4. I am told that photos of my family were donated to the “museum’ from the Florence Smith Wilson estate. Do you have any knowledge of this?

    • I’ll have to do some checking on this. Do you know when the donation might have been? I’ll get back to you by direct email in a few days. Thanks again for writing; we always appreciate hearing from Morrison families!

  5. Is this the George Morrison connected to Rock Rest Lodge when it was started ???

  6. We moved to Colorado from Kentucky in 1963. My siblings and I went to school at Red Rocks Elementary. I was in 5th and 6th grades there. We lived in a trailer park south of Morrison and I believe our address was Morrison. Can you give me any information about the trailer park? Are there any pictures?

  7. Greetings, Is the Morrison Historical Society still up and running? Thanks to all for sharing their info. Best regards, Theresa Morrison, great, great grand-daughter of George M.

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