Old Standard Station

103 Bear Creek Avenue, #1 on walking tour

Built in 1926 – This was Morrison’s first fancy service station.
Note: Dates based on research by L. Horton.

Old Standard Station, ca 1976 Old Standard Station now
Old Standard Station, ca 1976
Photo by Lorene Horton
Old Standard Station in 2000, The Morrison Angler and Jeri K’s Bakery; currently Ozzi’s.
Photo by S.L. White, 2000

9 responses to “Old Standard Station

  1. We Donald Silver, Virginia Silver, Linda Wooters, Elaine Silver ate many lunches and dinners here when we had the Thrifty Grocery Store up the street.

    • Virginia (and family)– So great to hear from you again– I,d lost track, and never heard back last time. Thanks for the info about the Station; tell us more! I,ll email you. — Sally

  2. Hi , My family lived in Morrison Colorado from approx 1943 until 1969. My mother lived at the Hillcrest Guest Ranch owned by Tom and Mabel Cavenaugh (my grandparents) and would tell me stories about the floods, about a suicide behind the gas station and other stories. Would like to hear from anyone that knew them. I heard that there once was a museum in Morrison that had pictures. Hope someone can provide information.

    • Brad "Murph" Mellberg

      My name is Brad Mellberg, everyone knew me as Murph, a nickname I’ve had since birth, another story. My family moved to Morrison in 1962. I left after highschool in 1974. My parents are Loren and Lois and I had 3 older brothers Garlan, Mike, and Ron. We first lived in the big white house just around the corner from the Piller of Fire and the old fire station. My bedroom window faced the fire station and when that siren went off I would get out of bed and watch the fire truck pull out, so kool. We rented the house from Mr. Pienze. We later built a house on Red Rocks Vista Drive. I still have a brother there, been there 50 years. I remember Mabel and Tom, if I remember correctly Tom was killed in a bulldozer accident. I remember going into Mabels house and she had all these pictures of famous people, not sure if she knew them or just collected them, just a kid. A great place to grow up for sure. K-6th at Red Rocks Elementary, the same classmates year after year. The flood of 65 was the one I remember the most. Playing in the old school house and sliding down the fire escape is still a great memory. We would go in there at night, if you dared. My first job was at the Dari Treat, washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, emptying the trash for a buck an hour, I was richest 14 year old in town. I remember a suicide under the bridge by Hillcrest, can’t remember who it was. Riding our bikes in the the annual parade and rodeo in September. Red Rocks park was my back yard, I knew every crack and crevis. My Mom worked at the Post Office when it was down on main street. Our bus stop was Schneider’s drug store, pop and candy before school. Can’t help you with the Museum, I’m sure there are plenty of pictures somewhere. I could go on and on. Like I said a great place to grow up. If I can help with anything or just want to reminesce you can contact me at bradley.mellberg@c130ats.net.

    • John heldenbrand

      Hello well its kind of a long story so I’ll keep it short my grandpa owned that gas station when I was born in 1960 his name was Loyd heldenbrand and we lived in the house next door which is now Willis wings but we have a lot of history there

  3. I just finished writing a disertation about morrison and the Hillcrest Stables. It is in here somewhere. You lived there when we lived there. Morrison that is. I have some pictures of the store when we were there. We had a dog named Mister and a kitty cat who belonged to the store. Her name was smudgie. Was your maiden name Termin?

  4. did you ever come to the Thrifty grocery store? I keep trying to remember the name of the mayor. We also had a big fellow as the marshall.

  5. did you ever come to the Thrifty grocery store? I keep trying to remember the name of the mayor. We also had a big fellow as the marshall

  6. John heldenbrand

    This was my grandfather’s gas station when I was born his name was Loyd heldenbrand his wife’s name was Iva my dad and us lived in the house to the west which is now Willie’s wings I use to help my dad change the light bulbs in the cross my grand dad was one of the people who helped build try town and was involved in alot with the city of Morrison his picture use to be in the old Morrison museum I have a few old pictures but my dad has a bunch

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